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uVision Configuration

Posted on : Sun , 02 2014 by : virusi

uVision Configuration :

In our projects we are uVision to compile and build our soft and we have decided to make a tutorial on how to create and compile a new project using uVision. Let’s begin.

1. We need to create our skeleton of our project. Create our core folder where everything will be kept (In our case it is project). After this we should create 3 folders where the code, object and Listing files will be kept. Inside of the code folder will create the same 3 folders ( Core where the main file will be kept , Startup where the configuration file will be keep , and system folder where all system files will be kept)

Fig.1 Project Structure
Fig. 2 Source Structure

2.Start your uVision software and create a new project and save it in the project folder that you have created earlier and don’t forget to choose your microcontroller.

Fig. 3 Create a new project

3. After this we should create and include our components.

Fig. 4 Manage Components

4. Select the target device. In our case is LPC1768.

Fig. 5 Target device.

5. Create each component as in the source folder.

Fig. 6 Components Structure

6. And the last step let’s configure the Flash Tool.

Fig. 7 Configure Flash Tools

7. After you will press on Configure Flash Tools a popup will appear and will have to configure where the output, listing files will be stored. For the output select the obj folder and for the listing select the list folder that was created in the first step.


Fig. 8 Configure Output Folder

Fig. 9 Configure Listing Folder

8. In order to include all files at compilation from startup and system folder we need to include. Open C/C++ tab and include paths to those 2 folders.


Fig. 10 Include startup and system folder in C/C++ tab.

9. Configure Flash Programming device. Open Utilities tab and chose your flash programming device.
Fig. 11 Choose your Flash Programming device.

10. If you have the same flash programming device than you will have to include the Programming Algorithm and JTAG clock frequency. Click on the Setting button in Utilities tab after you have chosen your flash programming device.

Fig. 12 In Flash Download Tab add your Programming Algorithm by clicking the add button.
Fig. 12 set your Max Clock to a preferred value .In our case we are using 100 KHz

11. If you want to debug in real time than you have to change your debugging settings. Click on the debug tab and set your debugging tool.

Fig. 13 Choose your debugging tool

12. Now you can build and flash your project. Everything should compile.

Download :

We have attached a configured and compiled project so you can download and experiment with it.

Download uVsion Project.

Last updated on Mon , 08 2014

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