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Tunnel Voltage Divider (Amplifier)

Posted on : Sun , 03 2014 by : virusi


Theory OF OPERATION : Fig.1 Tunnel Diode Voltage Divider Another interesting application of dynamic resistance is the tunnel diode or Esaki diode because of its V-I curve. In the negative resistance portion the voltage divider made with a resistor and a tunnel diode can actually be an amplifier. For a wiggly voltage v_{i} the vol...

Zener Voltage Regulator

Posted on : Sun , 03 2014 by : virusi


Theory OF OPERATION : Fig.1 Zener voltage regulator Zeners are used to create a constant voltage inside a circuit somewhere, simply by providing them with a (roughly constant) current derived from a higher voltage within the circuit this is due the V-I curve of the zener diode. But it is important to know how the resulting zener volta...

Voltage Divider

Posted on : Sun , 01 2014 by : virusi


Theory of operation : One of the most widespread circuit fragments are voltage dividers. So what is a voltage divider? Voltage dividers are often used in circuits to generate a particular voltage from a larger input voltage. Fig.1 is showing a simple voltage divider. Fig.1 Voltage divider Let’s apply Ohm’s Law for the R_{2} :...

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